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House Cleaning Canberra – Whether you are a busy professional, or a working mum, or just a clean freak, a clean home is something you can achieve with little help. For many, maintaining a clean home environment is not an easy task. Surfaces in the house become dirty all the time, especially with children and pets. Spills from drinks and crumbs from foods also play a role in dirtying your house, and you can often be left with stains. However, with the services of a good domestic cleaning company, you won’t have to worry about an unclean house. Some of the common domestic cleaning services that you might require are;

Carpet Cleaning

Avoiding dirt on your carpet is near impossible, but a good house cleaning Canberra service can easily remove any loose dirt and even tough stains on the pile using advanced techniques and equipment that you may not have on hand. A clean carpet can bring a room to back to life and give the are a fresh lift.

Bathroom Cleaning

Everybody is judging your toilet, right? At least that’s what the TV wants to have us believe. It’s not the most popular area of the house for any resident to clean, and probably the most often avoided cleaning task.  If this is you, and you find it difficult to clean this room, contact a domestic cleaning company like Cleaning Brilliance. 

kitchen Cleaning

A sparkling clean kitchen is a joy to cook and spend time in. After a long day at work, coming home to a clean kitchen can take such a weight off your already busy schedule. Take a look at our Oven Cleaning service to really top it off.

AirBnB Cleaning

Take the stress out of your Air BnB cleaning, with our cleaning services. We provide a thorough clean once the visitors have left, ready for the next people to stay in true clean comfort. Ensure there are no nasty surprises to be posted online and likely ruin your reputation with your AirBnB rental accommodation. Hire a cleaning service you can trust, Hire Cleaning Brilliance for AirBnB rental cleaning services in Canberra.

tips on picking a home cleaning service

There are several home cleaning service providers out there, and picking one can be a challenge.  To assist you in choosing, how about these points on Cleaning Brilliance: 


Professionalism is critical for any company that offers good services. You can determine whether a company is professional or not by checking how they handle your requests and responses, and checking their references. We strongly advise through experience, not to work with an unprofessional company even if it promises the lowest prices.


You should work with a domestic cleaning company that’s flexible in their approach. They should be able to address all your cleaning needs i.e., should be able to address all types of cleaning services like carpet cleaning, dusting, sanitising all at once so that you don’t have to hire more than one company. Additionally, the service provider should be able to address your needs within a short period after contacting them.


Cleaning Brilliance aren’t trying to be the cheapest cleaning company in Canberra, we are trying to be the best! We have had several clients request us to return after they have hired cheaper service providers only to be let down by the lower quality cleaning. Some things shouldn’t be left to chance, and if you value cleanliness and quality like we do, and like our clients do, contact us for a quote today.


It is important to work with a house cleaning Canberra company that can deliver quality, Especially if you want value for your hard earned money. You can determine if a company can offer quality services by checking their testimonials, confirming whether their staff are trained, tools and products used and the techniques and cleaning methods that the company employs. It is also advisable to choose a company that has extensive experience. Cleaning Brilliance can address all of these points, and they look forward to working with you.

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