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Cleaning Brilliance provide aged care centre cleaning and retirement home cleaning in Canberra. We understand the level of cleaning required to keep aged care facilities hygienic and germ free.  Maintain not only a healthy environment but to also makes the residence neat and tidy. We take the utmost care not to risk cross-contamination, and we understand the sensitivities of working with aged and vulnerable people. Your cleaning requirements will be conducted with care, skill and experience that can be found with Cleaning Brilliance. Our company ensure that high levels of hygiene are maintained in retirement homes and residential aged care facilities.

Use of Safe Vacuum Cleaners

Did you know that vacuum cleaners can contribute to the spread of bacteria? Through the air that they exhaust from dirty surfaces, bacteria are also carried and can be spread. Our cleaning company uses vacuum cleaners that are fitted with high-efficiency particulate air filters. It is recommended that any vacuum cleaner that’s used in cleaning aged care centers be equipped with high-efficiency particulate air filters which can help in the filtering of the bacteria. A good number of manufacturers are now making vacuum cleaners that have HEPA filters but even those that lack, can have them installed.

Regular changing of cleaning items is important

At cleaning brilliance, we change our cleaning items regularly. It is important to note that once cleaning equipment is used for too long, they become less efficient in cleaning. As a result, any cleaning that’s carried out with them is not efficient in removing dirt and other disease-causing microorganisms. Additionally, the items that are used in specific areas like bathrooms are not be used to clean rooms where the older adults eat at or spend recreational time.

Quality products are used

Our company uses natural and non-toxic cleaning products when conducting aged care centre cleaning. We understand the elderly tend to have a weaker immune systems and therefore, any toxic substance around them can easily cause infection.

COVID Cleaning Canberra

The recent COVID pandemic means our general focus on hygiene has increased. Aged care facility cleaning is now in demand across Canberra. Our attention to detail ensures all surfaces are clean and free from every day germs. COVID cleaning services should not be taken lightly, call us and discuss your needs and what cleaning services we can offer for your situation. Our sanitising and disinfecting services helps reduce the spread of germs in an aged care environment and on frequently used surfaces where caronavirus can remain for some time. The Australian government has released guidelines on the most effective cleaning practices. Cleaning Brilliance adhere to the government principles detailed for COVID 19, in all our aged care cleaning services.

Proper precautions during outbreaks

In the aged care centers where there are common areas shared by people increases the chances of infectious outbreaks. In a situation where a break out has occurred, you can contact our professional cleaners to carry out the cleansing and control. Our team will ensure that all the common areas like handrails, door handles, and utensils, which can facilitate further outbreaks in the facility, are adequately cleaned and sanitised.

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